Toss Out These 4 Negative Behaviors That Are Weighing Your Life Down

Toss Out These 4 Negative Behaviors That Are Weighing Your Life Down
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The internet and social media are littered with advice on what you should be doing to restore positivity to your life and enhance your mental health. However, continuing to indulge in negative behaviors is as likely to be bad for you as failing to enact beneficial ones. Dropping bad habits can enrich your life and lift a weight you never knew you were carrying off your chest. Stresscoach presents some tips to help you address those negative behaviors.

1. Wasting Away in a Hated Job

If you find yourself hating the idea of going to work most or all days, you are not alone. Studies show that a significant portion of the U.S. population does not derive great enjoyment from their employment.

It may be because of poor wages, garbage benefits, politics or toxic co-workers. Maybe you find the work boring and yourself underappreciated. Whatever the reasons behind your unhappiness, don't stay in a position that causes you misery. It could be harming your mental health by introducing excess stress and anxiety and preventing you from getting the sleep you need, among other effects. On the other hand, working in a field you are passionate about can energize you and boost your mood.

Find a calling that sparks your interest and join the others who have recently left their positions for greener pastures. Don't settle for the first post you see out of fear; set a high standard for yourself. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in December 2021, there were 10.9 million open positions. Push past the natural anxiety to find the work that will engage you and help you grow personally and career-wise. Go back to school or acquire additional certifications if necessary to obtain a life and experiences that fulfill you.

2. Allowing the ‘Me Versus Everyone Else’ Attitude To Dominate Your Life

It is tempting to compare yourself to others, and most people do it unconsciously. The problem with this is that there will always be someone who has more than you or is better at something than you. Weighing your merits and faults against those of others breeds discontent and self-criticism, creating an endless negative loop.

The measure of your life is not how you appear when standing beside other people, but how you compare to your own expectations for yourself regardless of others. Try practices such as keeping a gratitude journal, emphasizing your strengths, and uplifting and celebrating the accomplishments of others instead of engaging in an unwinable game against the world.

3. Letting Clutter Rule Your Home

Research shows that all that excess stuff piled around your home can affect your mental well-being by promoting anxiety, negatively impacting sleep, and distracting you. Decluttering not only removes these effects but also gives it an open and spacious feel, boosts at-home productivity, and reduces your daily cleaning time, among other advantages.

Go through all those long-forgotten possessions. Make piles to donate, trash, and keep. Think about whether you will really use an item or if it will continue to sit in a corner gathering dust. Address any issues before they worsen to promote a positive and healing environment.

4. Dwelling on Bygone Days

It is difficult not to ponder the mistakes, humiliations, and hurts of the past. Equally hard is not escaping to memories of the glory days. However, to embrace the future and realize all the possibilities before you, you need to let go. This doesn't mean forgetting, simply refusing to allow the past to control you.

Eliminating damaging actions and attitudes from your life can improve your overall mental state and banish the heaviness you never knew was dragging you down.

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