Get to know our team

We deeply care about improving your experience of the app


After studying Applied Positive Psychology and building a series of psychology online programs, he's now developing the Stresscoach program. Deeply cares about Stresscoach's users.


Tara has a Masters Degree in Psychology with an Emphasis in Counseling and is a life coach and counselor in Vienna, Austria. She is dedicated to serving others and to ending the stigma around seeking mental health help.


Has a Masters Degree in Visual Computing from the Vienna University of Technology. Philipp has worked in the Russian high tech startup Visionlabs. He cofounded the Marketing and Consulting agency Hawaras.


Jasmin is a Graphic Designer and gathering her first work experience at Stresscoach. She delights in creating new things and continuously wants learn from everyone within her open and compassionate work environment.


Simone graduated with a degree in psychology in Vienna, Austria and completed her training as a psychological psychotherapist (cognitive behavioral therapy) in Berlin, Germany. She is passionate about guiding people on their way to find themselves and create positive change in their lives.

Our Virtues

Treat our users like we want to be treated ourselves

Be trustworthy

Trust is the foundation of our work. We strive to build it with our users and with each other

Always speak the truth

Especially when it’s uncomfortable. When sharing feedback, owning mistakes, or addressing uncomfortable situations

Take ownership

Take full responsibility for the outcome of our work and the goals we set

Help with compassion and kindness

We respect the intense struggle of emotional overwhelm. We are here because we care and want to help without judgement