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Lower Anxiety

Through our clinically supported interactive CBT-based lessons, you can help yourself to reduce anxiety through making lasting, positive changes in your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

Lessen Stress

Learning our evidence based relaxation and therapeutic techniques help you to feel at ease and less stressed, anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Learn Mindfulness

Through our expert guided practice, learn to focus your attention on the present moment. Acknowledge and accept your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, regardless of their direction.


We know how effective our courses are, but we wanted to show it. So, we conducted a study on efficacy. After using our course for only 2 weeks, users showed a 20% decrease in anxiety symptoms.

Measure anxiety levels

Complete the “Worries & Thoughts” Course

20% decrease in anxiety levels after 2 weeks


Our research collaborations are already in full swing, with two studies agreed at the University of Fordham and Sigmund Freud University. We value and respect the scientific method’s contribution to our evidence based care.

Partnerships with international Universities

Courses & exercises backed by science

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Pilot Study by Stresscoach
University of Fordham, U.S.A
Sigmund Freud University, Austria

Our Collaborations

Sigmund Freud University

University of Fordham

Our Advisors

Dr. Christiane Eichenberg

Professor and Leader of the Institute for Psychosomatics, Medical Faculty, Sigmund Freud University.

Dr. Dean McKay

Professor of Psychology at Fordham University and former President of the Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies (ABCT).

Beth Rogozinski

Serial entrepreneur in tech and med. CEO, Signal 2 Health, CPO, Pear Therapeutics. Produced 30 apps and 12 for healthcare with 2 FDA approvals.