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Evidence Based

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) forms the foundation of our programmes. It is considered by scientists to be the gold standard in the treatment of anxiety.

Lower Cost of Care

Stresscoach is the cheapest way to deal with worries and anxiety. Our fully automated solution helps to reach those people who would otherwise receive help too late.

Help Faster

Without waiting times and without tedious onboarding, Stresscoach can be used immediately by everyone who is affected.


Our courses are informative, engaging and effective. Their focus is on achieving long term behavioural changes, which are particularly appropriate for prevention. We offer courses on worries & thoughts, panic, social anxiety, self-compassion and mindfulness amongst others.

Social Anxiety, Panic, Worrying

Mindfulness, Happiness, Calmness

Self-Esteem, Self-Compassion

Digital Therapeutic

The recently developed Generalized Anxiety Disorder course is a perfect example of an opportunity to learn how to manage and treat anxiety. Attention to detail, personalization and scientifically-supported, it helps people to progress towards a less anxious life.

Detailed learning

Personalized paths

Reassuring rewards

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